Director Profile

Sophie Di Francesco-Mayot, founder and director of SRM Research and Innovation Consultancy, is realising her vision of providing industries with expert, specialised and tailored research in the areas of business, trade and ICT to provide multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises the knowledge necessary to be better equiped to address unpredictable global challenges while ensuring that they have the capacity to make better informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

Sophie Di Francesco Mayot has over 6 years of academic and professional experience in EU-Australia institutions, policies, trade and international affairs. She is currently a research officer at the EU Centre of Excellence at RMIT University working on a Jean Monnet project on Trade, Innovation and SMEs. In 2015, she completed her PhD in European politics, institutions and policies and was selected to undertake an internship in the diplomatic service of the European Union. She lectured in Australia and overseas in areas relating to international affairs, European politics and business and trade, as well as in French.

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